My favourite movie is Forrest Gump,it's a classic American movie.It's about the life story of the hero,Forrest Gump,played by Tom hanks,who's a famous and great actor in America.

The Movie starts with a flying feather and ends with the feather,which i think is an awesome setting. "My mom always said:'Life was a box of chocolates,you never know what you\'re going to get.'"The movie lines indicate Forrest‘s twisted life and his low IQ.Yes,the hero is a person with IQ problem,he couldn't understand things as we do.But As it said, the god closed one door,he will open another window.Forrest could not understand complex things,so he can concertrate on what he's doing.He's extramely focused.He was driven by his mind rather than other things.He would do what him mom and friends told him to do.For example,when he was bullied by other kids,his playmate Jenny told him to run,so he just kept running and running.

Running is a very important skill that Forrest graped.It helpd him to escape from others's bulling,helpd him to get a college football schoolarship,and surviced form the Vietnam War.After graduation,Forrest joined the army and fit well.Cause the only thing he need to focus is obey the commandar's orders. After the war,he invested his comrades-in-arms a shrimp boat.He played Ping-Pong with Chinese. He also run across America.All these things are miracles for us.His life is like a legend.He witnessed the recent American history.He survived from all these things with his pure honesty and niceness.

At the first time i watched the movie,i laughed,cried,but finally i got long silence.I was shocked
and moved by the movie.Someone said Forrest Gump's spirit is part of American spirit,i can't agree that more.Life can be hard at some time,we should keep the words in our minds:"As long as we are not defeated by difficulties, we can become stronger."