I was very naughty when I was a child. I can’t remember the reason that my parents and i visited one of our relatives,but i was very happy cause a good lunch meant a good day for me.After lunch,i played with the children of my age and forgot the time.When I realized it,my parents had gone back home.they were not intended to leave me behind,they just forgot me.my relatives suggested me to stay there for one night and they would send me home the next day. I was stubborn and insisted to go home. I ran away from their house and went along the way we came.when it got to the crossing, I got lost.

I was frightened,i didn’t know which way to go.There were a lot of traffic and pedestrians on that road,but I was too shy to ask for directions. I was anxious and frustrated when it got darker.The fear held my breath,and I couldn’t talk and move.In that moment,one man rode a tricycle across in front of me. I recognized him from the first sight,cause I had a good memory on faces. The fear went away,i could move agin. I chaised after the tricycle in a hurry,but I didn’t ask him to take me a ride because we were not familiar and I didn’t want to bother him. I kept running and running,and I got to know the way home gradually.Thank god, I got home safe and sound finally.

My parents didn’t punish me.They asked me the detail, I told them one of my friends happened to show up and took me a ride.I won’t forget the experience,it gives me a lesson:
One,don’t be shy.whenever you run into trouble,don't hesitate,just go and ask for help.
Two,be brave.The fear won’t save you,it just makes things worse.
The last one,be calm.A cool-head could help you overcome any despair,any fear.