Spring Festival - a Chinese traditional festival

Spring Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. Every year, Chinese and overseas Chinese all around the world have days off and celebrate it with family and friends.

The word "Spring" means a lot for Chinese. Because of large pupulation, agriculture is foundational and important, especially in ancient China. Spring means a new season for crops. And Spring Festival is the first day of new year in lunar calendar, so we can also call it Chinese New Year. In these days, We gather together, looking back to the last year and looking forword to the new year. That's why Spring Festival is more meaningful than the New Year's Day in China.

Spring Festival usually lasts for 1 or 2 weeks. Most migrant workers go back to their hometown before it. The amount of migrant workers is so large that transport during the Spring Festival becomes an unique phenomenon. Chinese usually stay at home and have a good dinner with family on Chinese New Year's Eve. We paste Spring Festival couplets, touch off firecrackers and fireworks at night and children can receive red packets from our parents and relatives. After the Eve, we visit our relatives and friends, sharing what we sees and hears together. We also play games, like cards or mahjong.

However, the affaction of the Spring Festival is fading. In the past, dances of dragons and lions can be watched in busy streets. But nowadays we can't have the chance to watch them. We used to feel happy and satisfied as kids, but when we grow up and become mature, the feeling turn out to be weaker. But i still have a deep impression on the Spring Festival, and i will pass it on to the next generation. Because it will remind me that i'm a chinese all the time.